WordPress today is still the hottest Web Content Management System in 2018 as about 59.9 percent of the web which is a 34.9 percent raise from 2015 based on the review by W3Techs. With fresh new themes always coming out with the best designs easier for anyone to put together on the web, innovative plugins that functions your website better than most and core functionality that makes sense to an average person. Based on our findings at Call43 Studio we easily educated 4 out of 5 people in 3 sessions the basics of WordPress, themes, plugins and basics just to have a website up. They felt so confident that they could do that themselves. With that being said, it is recommended that most business owners of general interest for a new website should consider switching to WordPress in 2018 as there are a lot of features in WordPress that makes it easier for the average user even to manage a website.



The Cost?

Well there is only basic costs such as getting a domain for your website, hosting it on a server and adding several things needed that you may not know about. SSL Certifications are so huge, especially with Chrome users, it could take away those features. You also need security such as a firewall and malware removal on your website which some plugins from WordPress cannot really control. How are you going to track the website’s results on the web and how much traffic comes in? What analytics are best for your business other than Google Analytics? Even with your WordPress theme, it could cost 300 dollars just to get started.

Let’s say you build your website, but things look out of place and you cannot seem to get it right. It would tell you finally that WordPress may be easy to manage, but to develop that look, you are still going to need to hire that web developer to take care some of those tricky implementations for you. The best practice is to always make sure your developer always is up to date with WordPress, its functionality and recent topics such as Privacy Policy procedures with GDPR which launches in a couple of months around Memorial Day Weekend. With an up-to-date developer who especially specializes in best practices with WordPress, you cannot lose. You will have your SSL Certificate, Sitemaps in place and your website secure and safe from hackers which have been getting more clever in 2018.


WordPress may be easy to administrate, but it still has challenges to ensure the best practice is put in place for your website which is why there are developers specialized in WordPress.


Where we come in!

At Call43 Studio, everyone involved is trained in WordPress and know all of its ways around we develop and do precisely what our clients desire for their WordPress websites and even offer Web Domain Registration, Managed WordPress Hosting, Malware and Security Removal, SSLs, SEOs and Website Development. After development of our websites,  we seek out a complete day to train our clients and leave effective and lengthy, but simple documentation so that no one gets confused in the back end of WordPress. We have not had a client have to come back to us about Website Backups, Updates or even Page Content Updates as the system of WordPress is simple enough for anyone to be able to take care of. We offer free consultation and education about the ways around WordPress for anyone and competitive pricing for our Services for our Web Development.