Website Development

From scratch to making additions or updates to what is currently there, we develop fully responsive and beautifully themed websites that are powerful in speeds, analytics and in your brand or business.

Designs From Scratch

We like to take a step back and create and conceptualize the best look for your new website.

Web Development

Once you are okay with the design, we get right to work on the development side. We code with the best practices on the web.

Social Media

We make sure all outbound links are working for your brand so everything is connected.

Responsive Testing

We test on all devices from a tablet to a phone or even now smartwatches! Responsive functionality and design is what we aim to perfect.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Have an issue with your website? Hacked? White Screen? Need Updates? We provide monthly services of ensuring your website is up to date and secure.

Reliable Results

We look into your metrics and analyze what needs to be done to go the further mile for your website or landing page.

Email Marketing

We do help on basic HTML built Email Marketing plans to ensure your message gets sent to any possible leads.


We make sure your website not only looks great, but actually has every correct thing in place, everything is optimized and your website is faster than all other competitors.

Helping Others

We train, develop and help grow the knowledge base of our clients for their new or existing website so they can even do things themselves.

WordPress Logo

WordPress is our Speciality

With it being arguably the best Content Management System for websites in recent times, WordPress is our go-to for developing our websites.

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Some More Info

With the variety of what we offer, we would like to explain a little further about this service. As this is a the hugest basis of what we do, we have to break down a little more details on our websites.

First and foremost, we are absolutely are open to using other Content Management Systems. WordPress does not have to be the CMS of your choice if you feel it is not what you need for your brand or business. We specialize in Drupal, Joomla, Magento and even build Custom CMS. WordPress is just our go-to as it is the best Content Management System based in 2018.

For websites, we like to go in phases to keep things simple and well-adjusted for planning. Below are our phases in detail.

Investigation / Design

When we hear from a potential client about issues on their website, a new website or how to gain better leads, we identify the key areas of what their brand or business is in need of before we move forward. We like to call this our Investigation / Design Phase. We look into the basis of what is going wrong rather the website is old and needs a new look or just needs minor updates to the look but more functionality repairs and even if the site needs to be restored from a broken function or if the site has been hacked. We then start to come up with cost and details on why this is the cost and recommendations that will help our clients.

For new websites, we start to conceptualize the new look and start to provide the client their new look. We also make sure that we get the apples to apples and show our clients how they are doing performance and SEO wise.


We begin to follow up with our clients and explain in detail what needs to be done. This can be from what needs to be done if your website has been hacked or compromised or needs maintenance or even providing mockups with the new look or design for approvals of the client. This includes the estimation of a project and a total bill of the project. If the client approves or when they do, we begin our next process.


Oh the fun in coding! This is what we do best, we start to develop the website from scratch using the engine of what our client desires. We begin to develop the base foundation of the website (the header, footer, social media links and overall look on all devices.) We follow up on the Home Page and send the client a first look on the website. After this, we start to build out the other main pages of the website section by section. This approach makes things more organized and less sporadic. If this major page has ancillary pages below it, then we build those ancillary pages so the section is completed. For website maintenance, repairs or minor tweaks, this is when we jump in and make the repairs or minor tweaks or additions. Once we clear all of the sections of the website for example, About Us, Services, Blog Contact, we start our next phase.


This phase is fun. Since we develop locally on most cases, we like to come over or perhaps host a party for our clients to come over and look at their new site that is now built and together, we test on all cylinders to ensure quality assurance. This is where changes to the site comes in and we will take notes to ensure changes are made. We do however, charge if there are 4 or more rounds of changes in websites. We have to be firm in order to ensure that we are moving on the project and things aren’t just sitting there.

Once we have the final OK from the client, we are on the next and third to last stage of these phases.


Now of course, we don’t just launch the website. We do our own round of final testing before we launch such as putting it on a Linux Hosted Server or a Server that matches the client’s server. We then begin to transfer our files and get on the servers to commence the launch. Once the new template is live and the Database has been updated to match any new links from the site, we begin to ensure the search engines are picking up the new links and begin to send out search engine bots into the site so everything is indexed so previous rankings are not lost and then we ensure everything is showing up such as media files, widgets and much more so everything is functioning just like the last environment we had the site in before. When we have the OK, we make an announcement to our audiences that the client’s website is live to generate some traffic and we recommend our clients to do the same. If it is just maintenance or a fix, then we just keep it quiet and move forward for anything else. We then sit back and celebrate, for now.



Once the website is launched, we must train our client on how to use the website so they can even work on it. We like to make things interactive and fun, so we set up a time to come to the client’s office or home or host a launch party / training seminar to get our client familiar with the new backend interface so they can go in and make minor tweaks and edits to their newborn website. Our training is absolutely free and comprehensive. We also include documents for our clients for any future reference and we also add on as well as websites will always continue to evolve.



Sheesh, you have made it this far?! You must be very interested. **Knocks on Wood.** We sit back and watch the analytics of your website and ensure everything is connected and tracked perfectly. We start to create reports of their grade on website speed testers, SEO graders and analytic tracking services such as Google Analytics. We also get our apples to apples reports from before and display that with the new website’s reports. We start to look at what we can do to improve or continue to grow for your new website.



This is not originally included with our phases but is completely optional for our clients as we do teach them how to update their site and provide them the best options for Security and Maintenance, but if our clients feel uncomfortable, we do provide monthly maintenance service billed monthly or annually. This includes continued metrics, enhanced SEO over time, minor tweaks and additions, extension, plugin, theme or core updates, Security and much more. We have three tier level plans priced based on level of hours and work. The client can choose to pick their plan of choice and we can move forward. After three months of the website being live, we anticipate our clients are okay with their website and should be able to do things on their own if they feel confident in doing so. With this being said, we do not continue any updates, metrics or SEO at this point. Three months of free support is included in every project. We will always recommend one of our tier level plans to continue maintenance, security and better performance and metrics for our clients websites.


Rather it is a new fully-built website, minor tweaks or updates, or even a full recovery from internal server problems or security breaches, we ensure our clients websites are performing at best. Once anyone gets involved with us, they are always top priority and largely thought of for further help and growth of their business. A website is the base foundation of what is needed for a brand or business’ presence on the web.


Phew, that was a lot! Let's talk about your website.

Rather is is new or just needing minor tweaks or updates, we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.