Web Velocity always stays on top of the recent trends in technology and as of this holiday season, it has been quite challenging with WordPress updating to WordPress 5.0 and PHP 7.3 coming out.

WordPress Making Major Moves

With WordPress 5.0 coming out a couple weeks ago and WordPress 5.0.1 coming out this past Thursday. We have faced many challenges with the new Gutenberg editor and getting our clients ready for these new changes. Web Velocity has just completed a full rollout of updating all of our clients to WordPress 5.0.1 after careful review with their theme and removal of several plugins. We have a staging server to ensure that we can test our client’s website before we update it and it did not seem like a big jump, but it is. Here are the changes in WordPress 5.0.1. 

WordPress 5.0.1 came up with many security patches that are now highly recommended for WordPress users to update immediately. WordPress 5.0 comes with the esteemed new editor, Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a new editor replacing the old text editor in WordPress. Gutenberg has a block format of creating content. There is a plugin in WordPress to restore the old editor in case Gutenberg is not satisfactory. We believe our clients and anyone using WordPress should get familiar with it as it has a lot of innovative implementations based on content development for WordPress. You can check out the the new editor here.


PHP Upgrades 

Another major update in the world of PHP which is a HUGE piece behind WordPress as it it is a PHP and MYSQL based Content Management System is that 5.6 is about to be going without support in the beginning of 2019. About 80 percent of WordPress website owners are still using PHP 5.6 and need to upgrade to at least PHP 7.1 or PHP 7.2 as soon as possible for the best security for their site and in fact, it works extremely well with the latest versions of WordPress. Backend speeds and front end speeds highly improve and it is recommended to take a look into at least getting it to those versions. All of our clients are sitting on PHP 7.2. However, we at Web Velocity like to take on the best challenges and take on serious issues by staying on top of the technological world. Check out the PHP supported versions to see where you stand. It is recommended to speak to your hosting provider if you do not update your version of PHP.

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Screenshot of PHP Supported Versions Page Credit: PHP
Screenshot of PHP Supported Versions Page Credit: PHP


How are we handling this?

As of January 1, 2019, all of our clients will be moving from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.3. PHP 7.3 came out this December and has active support until December 2020 and security support until December 2021. The following year, we will be updating our clients sites to PHP 7.4 or PHP 7.5 dependent on performance and best practice with WordPress. We already migrated to WordPress 5.0.1 and now we are ready for PHP 7.3.

How are you handling these many upgrades and additions to your website today?