Web Velocity is proud to announce the completion and revival of Jeep Swap Shop, a Jeep specialized Classifields website that was around from 2008 – 2013. The site had a great reputation in its run making the company a decent chunk of income from paid advertisements and even purchasing items such as apparel on the website. The site was taken down due to low-traffic and design.

Web Velocity met with Bryan, the owner of Jeep Swap Shop back in 2018 over a potential work revival in the website. We first discussed hosting solutions should he want us to take care of his Domain Registration, Hosting, Security and SSL Encryption for the website. The project took us the longest in range (2 months) to build as it holds a lot of key features.

Since the client is in Cincinnati in the summer and Daytona Beach in the winters, we had to have long range discussions over the keys of importance to execute all services effectively. We got his domain back, his hosting account which is the biggest in server size we purchased, security and an ssl encryption and got the WordPress stack running.

We got the base design over just one discussion and successfully got the base design setup for him and affiliates to start spreading the word. We then got all of the pages with informative content up that would help users browse and understand the site’s identity and rules. We then created several modules such as a User System for people to sign up, post ads or browse and interact with ads, A whole Search System that pulls all important categories, featured ads, and latest ads, and an entire online E-Commerce Store that will be on the site coming soon.








Just an easy list to explain what was included on this build:

  • A Registration Page
  • A Login Page
  • User Profile with the ability to view their Ads, Featured Ads, Newest Ads, Favorited Ads and Order History
  • An Entire Messaging System
  • Dynamic Search Pages pulling specific data
  • Advertisement Sales
  • Online E-Commerce Store
  • Their Own Blog
  • Complete rebuilt, beautiful and responsive design.
  • Content Creation
  • Fastest in time, Server Solutions, Secure and Optimized Code and Images
  • Best Practice SEO Solutions in Place
  • A Complete Website Marketing Plan for 1 year
  • Software Updates and Security Patches Weekly

Once all the big pieces came together, we had one final meeting and with final testing, we are proud to have people come into the website, create their own profile, post or browse ads and interact with other users! Web Velocity is providing their Website Development, Hosting Solutions, SEO and Maintenance Services for this company and is excited for further developments.

Check out these before and after photos too! Proof that Web Velocity is the right choice for your business or brand!

“I was proud to meet with Bryan and get him this complete system, it is the biggest infrastructure we have created in years as for the web. We are hopeful for a successful revival and campaigns going forward!” -Dylan J. Hamilton | President and CEO | Web Velocity and Call43 Studio