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That’s us!! Well, kind of.. and this layout, not for long either. But we would like to share the designs we had that brought our brand to life on the web! We launched this site back in April of 2017 and never looked back! With great support, we professionally developed our own clientele and grew as a business successfully. Good SEO strategy was put into this site with our up to date blog and interactivity with our clients.

We are doing a redesign for this site to structure out the new business plan in it being the entertainment side of business while Web Velocity takes care of Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, Hosting and Static Mobile Apps for businesses. Call43 Studio is set to release their first game, Space Flow! on January 15th 2019.

“I am so excited to create another entity in my business to create more opportunity and separation in what we do. Web Velocity for websites and digital marketing and Call43 Studio for video games and fun mobile apps!” -Dylan Hamilton, President and CEO Call43 Studio and Web Velocity

ServicesWebsite Development, Hosting SolutionsYear2018

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