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We are extremely excited to have launched this website with out business partners at Averill & Associates Creative Lab LLC. A while back, Dylan Hamilton (President and CEO, Web Velocity and Call43 Studio) met with Mary Averill (President and CCO, Averill & Associates Creative Lab LLC.) and discussed a brand new look with their website. First came with concepts and and overall theme that would deliver exactly everything she provides for her clients as well as an SEO strategy to deliver her to the top of search engines in her area. With a successful launch and raving reviews on the website, Averill & Associates have a lot to look forward for in the near future.

With the website’s stunning design on informative pages about Averill & Associates, it comes with a system displaying a complete directory of the company’s work, blog posts and systematic approach to producing more content. The site is automated through strong SEO approaches as well as the site’s code optimization and speeds.

“Mary Averill is the best graphic designer I know. With her undying drive and outstanding work, the new development of the website means a lot to us and the WV team. We are absolutely excited for future work with this team in the near future!” -Dylan Hamilton, President and CEO | Web Velocity and Call43 Studio

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