The team at Web Velocity is extremely proud to announce the launch of another website for our client over at Fidelity Systems! Our client had many struggles this year configuring their website without the access to edit content in their backend using WordPress and unable to configure their SEO due to bad practices in their server, the code, third party plugins and bad practices with theme configuration. With this being said, Web Velocity went on an extreme investigation over two months trying to figure out why their website was not working in the backend only to find out many bad practices with programming came into play and miscommunication with theme developers and plugin developers (believe me I will be writing a blog about this!) After coming to terms that this website was not salvageable, we proposed to George Ioannides of Fidelity Systems with for a re-development which includes a new theme, and closest look possible without using the third-party plugins as we do not recommend using as many that was there. We had under one month to get this website live for our friends in Fairview Park, Ohio. 

We developed the entire website’s pages and functionality with the theme and base design in just a little over one week! We got to improve the test site into the two complete weeks left for development and made major strides in improvement based on SEO standards, best web development practices and theme and backend functionality. With great communication from our team to George at Fidelity Systems, we got the job done in a timely and professional manner. Not only we hit our deadline, but we tackled yet ANOTHER ISSUE in their server which there were many issues with their cPanel and Installatron prompting to rebuild and restructure their server with GoDaddy and their Database by ourselves! We launched the website, followed our six-step-process to execute our launch.

We tested, and it worked! Our clients have a better SEO-oriented website with a clean theme, clean code, a new outlook and a great future! They will be continuing with our maintenance and growth plans which we recommend to all of our clients in order to maintain good wealth and determine a great future for their business on the web. With hard work AND dedication, we altogether completed something great and we at the team are very excited with our friends over at Fidelity Systems for this launch and restructure. Find out some more about our Website Development services here. We can get pretty creative on providing the best solutions for you and your business.

“We basically rebuilt, re-programmed everything after months of investigation and restored a website for a determined and deserving business in Cleveland, Ohio. We are proud to partner up with Fidelity Systems and maintain this relationship with them” -Dylan Hamilton President, Web Velocity.