We always like better performance on our website and one of those performances are the result of where your website stands in the search engines. Diving into the search engine are many competitors getting business from their better results. To fight this, you need to not only make your website stand out, but you need the search engine’s approval as well. We combat these on a daily basis as we are consistently making improvements to our clients’ websites for better search engine results. It is a consistent fight to ensure the businesses we serve succeed and we drive for better results.

One of many of these pieces of the fight, is validation from the web. We make sure your website is built to W3C standards as if your website s not friendly to the World Web Consortium, the search engines will refuse to grab your website for views as websites with complete validation brings better results. We improve these errors and warnings in the code of the websites for our clients to ensure validation is always kept and that we always research for the best solutions to ensure validation.

Creating meta data in your website goes from telling the search engine your page’s title, description and many keywords in your page so when someone looks up a type of your service in the search bar, it will pull up on the many search results in the search engine. This is important to add on every page on your website to drive even better results than before. You need to strategize these keywords and descriptions to drive the engine and the user to view your website. With a very strategic approach, we always ensure the right descriptions and keywords are in place for your website.

We also combat additions of heading text, social media like and share buttons and bolding or italicizing your keywords to ensure complete satisfaction to the web. Heading text tells the search engine the major point in the page and what the user will expect to read in the page. Social media like and share buttons tell the search engines that there is even more information about your business or service. This will bring even more compatible business as people will continue to look at your business’ pages rather it is your website or your social media pages. Bolding and italicizing your keywords tells the search engine that the keywords in your meta data is in your page. These are 3 of many key drives to your business’ success on the search engine that goes within your website. We work hard to ensure that all pieces of additions to your website is added so that the search engine picks it up and takes you directly to the top.

Creating ads online are another strategy for getting your website on the top of the search engines. We strategize the meta title, description and when these ads are added on to the search engines. This is a premium service we provide to the clients we have as it brings you directly to the top of results on search engines.  This can also be used for promotions for your products or services. We also use our own internal tracking software to see how much hits, clicks, views and submissions are made into your website. We developed this so we have all of our clients on one base and that it is more internal and secure. We track so we can strategize the next move your business needs to drive better success on the web.

The top is always our goal, contact us today and we too can bring you straight to the top.