This is Who We Are

Web Velocity is a fully integrated digital marketing agency in Cleveland, Ohio for brands or businesses in need of a new look or higher promotion. We develop websites or landing pages, integrate social media, or even develop mobile apps for our clients. Our clients range from small and local businesses in Cleveland to international clients.

We are a small and energetic team determined to accelerate our clients’ goals. Compelled with always rising to the challenge, we never miss a beat and always are watching the most recent trends and standards on the web.

Digital Marketing Rockstars

Website Development 100%
SEO and Performance Innovation 100%
High SEO Powered Landing Page Development 90%
Social Media Implementation 60%
Mobile App Development 10%






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Ongoing Projects

Key Areas of Our Foundation

We carry a lot of thought and time before we start a project and it is based on our very foundations. From our mission to our values, we are a team that is driven to ensure the end goal is not only reached, but elevated.

Our Mission

Delivering the best look a brand or business can get and establish that look with driven and proven results to generate higher success. No matter the cost of time and work put in place, we will always provide the better solution for our clients.

Our Promise

That your brand or business tops over all of your competitors to ensure you are getting the first leads. More opportunity to get that impression and that business. We also promise a fresh look too!

Our Process

We have to have steps to delivering greater success for our clients. In other words, these steps are what we follow up and execute for every project.

Collect and Understand

Listen to you of course! Understand the situation before starting to develop a plan.

Investigate and Evaluate

Fully investigate the situation and what is needed. We will let you know what is needed and where we need to go from there.

Design, Develop and Execute

Design, follow up, Develop, follow up and finally Execute for your brand no matter how much we need to do.

Launch, Watch and Evaluate

Performance means everything. Once we launch a website, a landing page or a social media page, we make sure it is functioning all as planned and then ensure performance is better than ever! Follow up with better metrics and train our clients with the new system.

Enough about us, lets hear about you.

Contact us today to talk more about your goals and what you would like to see done with your business online.